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X-Rap Sub-Walk

New 2008 Rapala X-Rap Subwalk.

How to use: Rapala's X-Rap Sub Walk

Fishing World's Pat Brennan demonstrates the techniques for fishing Rapala's sub-surface walk the dog style lure, the X-Rap Sub Walk.

Rapala® X-Rap® SubWalk™ 15

The Rapala X-Rap SubWalk 15 boasts a larger profile with the same subsurface walk-the-dog action and attitude as the smaller sized SubWalks. The searc...

Rapala X-rap walk in action

Pikes really love this lure.

Rapala® X-Rap® SubWalk™

The Rapala X-Rap SubWalk allows anglers to apply the walk-the-dog style technique below the water surface. X-Rap color patterns and a VMC SureSet feat...

Walk-the-dog under the surface with The Rapala® X-Rap® Saltwater Subwalk™

FEATURED PRODUCT-Rapala X-Rap Saltwater Subwalk

Rapala X Rap Subwalk 9 Rapala X Rap Subwalk is an awesome lure that is perfect for fisherman's out there that like to fis...

Rapala® X-Rap® SubWalk

Rapala® X-Rap® SubWalk™ * Skitters less than two feet under the surface * Lateral tail fin adds stability for speedy retrieves * Back VMC SureSet feat...

How to use - Rapala X-Rap

Fishing World's Jim Harnwell outlines the many suitable fishing applications of Rapala's renowned X-Rap.

Tips on the Rapala X-RAP - it catches BIG FISH!

The X-RAP by Rapala is such a versatile lure. Italo explains how it produces a great action to catch trophy fish. They are the right size and colour t...

Realistic Saltwater Rapala Lures for Inshore Fishing

Find the Rapala Saltwater X-Rap Series here. Use code: "FISH10" at checkout for 10% off. Check out the Inshore Fishing book here...

Rapala Subwalk

This video is about Rapala Subwalk.

Rapala X-Rap Subwalk

Rapala X-Rap Subwalk.

Rapala X-rap sub-walk 09

via YouTube Capture.

Nuoto e utilizzo artificiali Rapala X-Rap Subwalk Il nuovo X-Rap SubWalk ti rimette in gioco qua...

Rapala® X-Rap Long Cast Shallow

Heavy-duty construction, weighted extra heavy for extreme casting distances and featuring a darting baitfish action, the X-Rap® Long Cast Shallow is a...

Fishing Trick with Saltwater Lures to Catch Freshwater Bass

Discovering the next big thing in fishing is always just a cast away. Musky anglers love toying with big saltwater lures, walleye fisherman borrowing ...

The best lure for inshore species-The Rapala® X-Rap® Long Cast Shallow

FEATURED PRODUCT: Rapala Long Cast Shallow

Två stora gäddor på Rapala X-Rap Subwalk 15

Under ett riktat kvälls och nattpass efter stor gädda lyckades jag först få en hyfsad följt av en metergädda. Jag gjorde en kort video om den men det ...

Rapala - X-Rap Subwalk 13

Available for purchase at


Jim Crowley and his friend Kirk Ijams try for spring bragging rights using Rapala's X-Rap slashing jerk bait. They catch some nice bass and Jim shows ...

Rapala X-Rap Walk and Sub Walk Lures

These rapala x-rap walk and sub walk lures are great fishing lures for saltwater fish such as redfish, shook, trout. They even work well for freshwate...

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