Video description
Lex & Mike take on the Golden Queen in her Lair Chapter 17!

This is the final Boss before ULTRA TRAPTANIUM POWERED KAOS! Chapter 18: The Ultimate Weapon is Next!

To see the begining of this level, check out Part 1 with all Possible Collectibles Found!


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Lets Play Skylanders Trap Team: Chapter 8 - Telescope Towers w/ Hood Sickle, Painyatta, DreamCatcher

Mike, Dad, Chase and then Lex play Chapter 8 - Telescope Towers! We battled, trapped and played with all 3 villains (Dream Catcher, Hood Sickle and Pa...

FLOOR IS LAVA in CURSED TIKI TEMPLE! Skylanders Imaginators #15 - WILDSTORM (YAY! No Glitches)

The last two times we played a Skylanders Imaginators DLC pack, they glitched horribly on us, so we quit! Then Kaos took over our channel and now tha...

Lets Play Skylanders Trap Team: Chapter 22 - MIRROR OF MYSTERY w/ Chompy & Mab Lobs

Mom plays M.O.M. w/ Dad & Chase too! We all play Mirror of Mystery for you guys! This is the funnest Skylanders Expansion Pack to date in our opinion...

Kaos vs DBZ SUPER SAIYAN KAOS! Final Battle 2 Save Kids & Win Game (SKYLANDERS IMAGINATORS Pt 12)

Shawn was taken by Kaos in the last video and in this video, MORE BOYS GO MISSING!!!! We have to defeat SUPER Kaos to Get THEM Back. Thumbs up for t...

Lets Play Skylanders Trap Team: Chapter 5 - Chef Zeppelin w/ Bomb Shell & Pepper Jack (Lex Face Cam)

Chase, Lex & Dad play Chef Zeppelin! Chapter 5 in Skylanders Trap Team where we battle & trap CHEF PEPPER JACK & BOMB SHELL. Well, Chase doesn't real...

Dad & Kids have a Dance Party to 46 Songs!! (Dancing 2 All Skylanders Trap Team Villains Music)

Every single villains theme music from Skylanders Trap Team gets danced to by Skylander Dad, Mike & Lex. Yeah you can say we have some fun! Chase &...


Sky Dad, Nitro Shawn and Lightcore Chase are joined in this episode by Santa and his Evil Elf clown who give us Jingle Bell Chompy Mage and also attac...

Skylanders: Trap Team - Doom Raiders Cutscenes + Capture Sequences

Main CGI cutscenes of the Doom Raiders in Story Mode, including their capture sequences, in Skylanders: Trap Team. All Skylanders related content bel...

Lets Play Skylanders Trap Team: Chapter 13 - Future of Skylands w/ Blaster Tron & Wolfgang

Mike & Dad play the Wolfgang Boss Battle Level w/ Dark / Light Element villain BLASTERTRON! The Golden Queen is taking over! Thumbs up for Chapter 1...


Mike is creating the FAKE GHOST PUNCHER Skylander Imaginator in the Skylanders Creator App. Chase & Shawn join him and there is just so much sillynes...

Let's Play ROBLOX #3: SPEED RUN 4 REQUEST w/ Lexi! (FGTEEV Xbox One Gameplay / Slow Turtle Skit)

It's time for more ROBLOX on FGTEEV and this time Lexi is playing the most requested Roblox Xbox One game, SPEED RUN 4! But can this turtle get fast?...

Lets Play Skylanders Trap Team: Chapter 4 - Phoenix Psanctuary w/ Cuckoo Clocker, Chill Bill...

We Trap Cuckoo Clocker & finish his quest at end of video, we trapped Chill Bill & Shreadnaught! Things we did/saw: Phoenix Psanctuary 100% complete ...

GIANT TOY vs. SHRINK RAY! Skylanders Imaginators Creator App 3D Printed Toys Fun w/ Yelling Baby

Mike saves the day as GIGANTIC TOYS ARE FALLING DOWN FROM THE SKY, CRASHING IN OUR BACKYARD! Luckily, we had a shrink ray at our house! Thumbs up for...

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