reality is lemons and the internet's my lemonade

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#Tags: reality is lemons and the internet's my lemonade animation

Video description
song by shawn wasabi:
i was testing out different things in flash, my timing, and 24 fps

i hope you like it aAAAA
i wanna dance ★ animation meme

AAAA i was testin editing in adobe premiere and i think this looks pretty good :D song link: original me...

look what the cat dragged in

alternate title: dickweed emerges from their grave after a decade and this shitty video is all they have to offer yep, I'm not dead you guys have b...

no no square original meme (remake)

original meme made by me (warning, very bad and about sexual assault) inspired by:

u look so good ❤ original meme? (ty for 500+ subSCRIBERS I AAA)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i can not believe that over 500 people like my videos for some reason--- OVER 500 PEANUTBUTTERFLUFFERNUTTERMOTHERFLUFFING SAN...

lose control (meme)💗

this meme this fREAKIN G MEME took me 5 hour s i really im proud of this i kind of made the movement way different but it s still this mem ;')) the o...

kittydog - a world

so if you didn't know before i am a smol singer/songwriter so um have this song i wrote and played and sang even though i h had 6756786878765578 mista...

kittydog - we all suffer for our art

wOWy another original song q/)/) heres a song for the ones who suffer for their art also heres a playlist of my original music cause i barely make the...

Dangerous | Animation

Inspired by Zora Draw's original meme ! Audio : Dangerous(Oliver Remix)- by Big Data //Wowie we're almost at 45K subscribers thank u all !! ♡♡ \(UwU)...

internet crush (animation meme)

i love this meme the original is by pop roxi :3// i woke up at 5 am to make this and now im posting at 7:...


thank you so much for watching my videos me animating this: song:


i'm planning a tour! let me know where you want me to play Shawn Wasabi + YDG - Burnt Rice (feat. YUNG GEMMY) iTu...


plakl bg song: stereoman - she plaklqsa is my new swear word

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