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Ruby Laser consists of a rod of artificial Ruby Crystal of length nearly 5 cm and diameter nearly 1 cm with its end plane. The artificial Ruby is the aluminum oxide (〖Al〗_2 O_3 ) crystal mixed with 0.05% impurity of chromium oxide. One end of this rod is fully silvered so that end good reflector. The other end of the rod is partially reflector. The rod is kept inside the glass tube which is surrounded by flash tube in form of coil. The flash tube is filled with xenon (xe) gas, the end of the flash tube are connected to power supply to produce flashes since most of the post energy used in producing flashes change into the heat therefore to cool the tube, cold water is allowed to flow continuously in the glass tube.
Ruby laser video

This video is a new laser offered by Automation Alternatives. RubyLaser is a new line we offer to process low wavelengths of light, 1 micron and below...

6J ruby laser

A ruby laser most often consists of a ruby rod that must be pumped with very high energy, usually from a flashtube, to achieve a population inversion....

My first laser 1968 a ruby laser of 22 Joules 1 ms relaxed.mp4

In 1968 i build this ruby laser (this was my first laser). I received a second prize in physics au concours "La Science Appelle les Jeunes" in Switzer...

Working of Ruby laser

This video lecture will explain the working of ruby laser. If you want the same lecture in Hindi + English language, please let me know.

Ruby laser flashlamp trigger test

More lasers goto A ruby laser most often consists of a ruby rod that must be pumped with very high energy, usually from a flash...

How a Laser Works

Bill shows how the three key characteristics of laser light - single wavelength, narrow beam, and high intensity - are made. He explains the operation...

Construction and Working of Helium – Neon laser

Construction of Helium – Neon laser A continuous and intense laser beam can be produced with the help of gas lasers. A simplified diagram showing basi...

Drawbacks and uses of Ruby Laser

This video lecture will explain the advantages and disadvantages of Ruby Laser

Laser -1 Introduction,Properties,Absorption,Spontaneous Emission,Stimulated Emission

In this video lecture we will start learning about Laser. Its Introduction. Its properties and comparison with ordinary light. Basic Concepts in Laser...

Laser Fundamentals Part 1

2010 is the 50th year of the invention of the laser. The Khwarizmi Society Society has organized several lectures and demonstrations centred around th...

How a Ruby Laser Works

Not my personal content, but since this is one of the required pieces of the HHO puzzle, I figured I'd post it

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