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Rice Cake Crisis (Urgent Quest) is a fame/prestigious quest, which you can get from Mirabelle's Bulletin Board. After receiving this quest, you will be teleported to a Eclipse Rabbit Cave.

Here you first need to avoid the Eclipse Rabbits and not get caught, use the Moonlight Mallets to find those Rice Cakes and break the enchantment! Later you come to a fireplace where the rabbits are dancing around celebrating, look for the glowing ones and hit them with the Moonlight Mallets! Finally you will face the Eclipse Rabbits King, kill it and you will get the rest of Moonlight Rice Cakes. If you haven't missed other pieces, at the end you will have exactly 50 cakes, which is the exact amount this quest requires. If you are missing some, go back and look for it!

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● Game: Aura Kingdom

● Developer: X-Legend

● Publisher: Aeria Games
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