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Octopus Defecating Shooting Poop, Gross!

Octopus shooting poop out of syphon.

Octopus poop selfie Take'n Shits, Post'n Selfies!

A long floater. Shit just got real yo! Take'n Shits, Post'n Selfies!

Kracie-DoDotto Tsubupyon/ Octopus Poop! Candy kit with MYLA!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. hi :) I hope you enjoyed this video as much as we did filming it. Her company's channel!

Dodotto Octopus Poop Candy: Whatcha Eating? #4

Making and tasting little grape flavored gelatinous spheres of candy aka octopus poop on this episode of Whatcha Eating? on Emmymade in Japan. Subscri...

octopus fits through small hole on boat

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Great White Shark Poops

This reminds me of Strange Wilderness!

True Facts About The Octopus

music: Special thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for letting us shoot on location! Check out ...

Pooping Octopus! Part 2 11-21-10

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You can eat 🍭 DIY Candy Kit - Dodotto Tsubu Pyon 可吃

Product name: Dodotto Tsubu Pyon Brand: Kracie (1) It cost 118 yen. (2) It is edible. 56 calories. No artificial colours. No preservatives. 0:02 Grape...

Octopus poop update

the pink balls were very yummy and the foam was sour.

Octopus Poop Video

Popin Cookin Octopus Poop How To.

Edible octopus poop?!

OPEN ME BEFORE YOU TROLL A few things you should know beforehand :) 1) I am not RRCherrypie and I know I'm nowhere as near as good as he is with ...

Dodotto Tsubupyon Octopus Poop Candy - Grape and Soda Flavours

Octopus poop tastes better than we thought! Poop and foam combo is interesting.


ENDORSEMENT BY FIGOSY CHECK Instagram : @figosy Official line : @figosy (pake @) Website : heyo guys.. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ JANGAN LUPA ...


Makan Octopus Poop? Rasanya gimana yah? Kalian udah ada yang pernah bikin octopus poop belum?

Japanese Octopus Poop Candy

Kracie Dodotto Tsubupyon Grape Flavor Happy Kitchen Kit.

JAPANESE DIY CANDY KIT: Kracie Dodotto Tsubupyon Octopus Poop (tutorial ITALIANO)

Molto buono anche se eccessivamente dolce per i miei gusti :) potete comprarle sulla pagina FB di Kawaii Cute Box Italia.

Kracie Octopus Poop Candy! 地元の親友が初めて日本のキャンディを食べてみる

Most Breathtaking Place in Japan: Exploring Fushimi Inari Shrine's 10000 Gates → -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Octopus ....

Kracie-DoDotto Tsubupyon/ Octopus Poop! DIY Candy kit どどっと つぶぴょん Dot Drip Candy どどっとつぶぴょん

Kracie-DoDotto Tsubupyon/ Octopus Poop! DIY Candy kit Music from Kracie Dodotto Tsubu Pyon Kracie Popin' Cookin' どどっと つぶぴょん Dot ......

Poo Pourri: Girls Don't Poop | Yellow Octopus Poo Pourri Toilet Deodoriser Some say the secret to a happy relationship is sepa...

Kracie DIY Jelly Octopus Japanese Gummy Candy!

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Kracie DoDotto Octopus Poop Candy Making Kit

This is a DIY candy kit made my Kracie! I'd been wanting it forever and finally got the chance to do it. Sorry the video turned out so long, hope it d...