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Bigfoot Caught On Dash Cam - A Closer Look

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#Tags: Bigfoot Caught On Dash Cam A Closer Look

Video description
The Police dash cam video with some enhancements.
Drone Footage of Idaho Bigfoot - IMPORTANT UPDATE!

CRITICAL UPDATE! The creators of the video just released an update with more footage. Yep, it isn't Bigfoot. But take a look at their video anywa...

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White Bigfoot Caught On Tape

I will continually appologize for posting this. I had thought about not doing so but decided that there is a lot worse things online these days. LOL

Campers Harassed by Mogollon Monster between Christopher Creek & Knoll Lake

Mogollon Rim campers report harassment by Mogollon Monster near Christopher Creek & Knoll Lake. #MogollonMonster #ArizonaBigfoot Source: https://b...

The Face Of Bigfoot

Years ago, a 35mm trail cam captured was is said to be a close up photo of Bigfoot. This video shows this plus and artists rendition of the face.

Time Travelers Brought 10 Alien Videos From Future & We Cannot Explain Any Of Them. Help

First of all, so you won't have any doubts that we shall present an actual footage from the future, we will show you following videos: This is Chicago...

Great Shot Of Bigfoot (commentary)

A video of what is claimed to be a close up look of an actual Bigfoot.

Put Vinegar into a Toilet, and Watch What Happens

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Left Trail Cam As a Gift, "Bigfoot Universe" Most Insane Area "4k"

Much more to come from today! Give Bigfoot a Picture of a Bigfoot.

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