Video description
The funniest birds singing dubstep and dancing to dubstep.

Videos in this compilation:
1. The Dancing Bird Rocking
2. Dubstep Parrot
3. Dancing & Beatboxing Bird
4. Cockatiel dubstep dance
5. Parrot moving to some dubstep
6. Beatboxing Bird / Puku beat boxing
7. My bird dancing to dubstep
8. Funny Bird dancing to dubstep
Parrot Dancing Gangnam Style

Part 2: the best gangnam style parrot dance ever!!!

Funniest Birds Weird Dancing Compilation (Must Watch)

NO Copyright Infringement Intended! I do NOT claim ownership of the footage displayed in the video, only using it for entertainment purposes! Capti...

Funny Parrot Dancing - A Funny and Cute Parrots Videos Compilation || NEW HD

Funny Parrot Dancing - A Funny and Cute Parrots Videos Compilation|| NEW HD Subscribe for more videos ➡ HOT VIDEO TO DAY ON...

Super Vocal Birds | Funny Bird Video Compilation 2017

From parakeets whistling theme songs, parrots making weird noises, to loud birds saying their name in front of the mirror, these are just a few of the...

Funny Parrots Annoying Cats Compilation || NEW HD

Check out these parrots annoying cats. A parrot annoying a cat is one of the funny videos or cute videos that will cheer you up. Rags 2 Riches Rag by...

19 Funny Bird Videos || Awesome Compilation

19 of the funniest birds you'll see this week. The Pet Collective is home to the top trending clips, most entertaining memes, and funniest animal vid...

The Funniest Parrots ever

Compilation of the funniest parrot videos ever. 1. The cursing WTF (What the Fuck / Watafak) parrot 2. Mommy parrot holding her baby 3. Parrot vs dog ...

Parrots Dancing - A Funny Parrot Videos Compilation || NEW HD

Check out these funny videos of funny parrots dancing. Enjoy these funny parrot videos in this cute parrot compilation. Parrots are such funny birds. ...

Cockatiel sings Theme of Chocobo(Final Fantasy) FF「チョコボのテーマ」をオカメインコが歌ってみた

My cockatiel named Kame-chan sings theme of Chocobo FF「チョコボのテーマ」をオカメインコが歌ってみた

Moment de complicité

Un petit moment de complicité entre moi et mes deux calopsittes EAM, Naaru (le lutino) et Lanka (cinnamon face blanche). Naaru sait dire beaucoup de ...

Cockatiel Sings Star Wars (Darth Vader Theme)

My cockatiel singing the Imperial March, kissing, and wolf whistling while playing with his good friend ChickyBoom, my red rump parakeet.

Baby Bird Hatching

Welcome to The Robin Chronicles. The back story is in the spring of 2012 a robin built a waist high nest in a small tree in my backyard. Every morning...

Cockatiels Singing 🐤 The Best Songs 🐤

Cockatiels Singing Cockatiels Talk Cockatiels talking Cockatiels singing & talking Cockatiel Singing The Adams Family Final Fantasy Cockatoo STAR WARS...

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