Video description
The funniest birds singing dubstep and dancing to dubstep.

Videos in this compilation:
1. The Dancing Bird Rocking
2. Dubstep Parrot
3. Dancing & Beatboxing Bird
4. Cockatiel dubstep dance
5. Parrot moving to some dubstep
6. Beatboxing Bird / Puku beat boxing
7. My bird dancing to dubstep
8. Funny Bird dancing to dubstep
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Little bird has a poo-trick

Pete the little bird has a special way to keep it's nest clean

Snowball's Tribute to Michael Jackson

Snowball (TM) dances to exerpts of "Black or White", "Rock With You", and "Billie Jean" as a tribute to Michael Jackson. Regardless of musical taste,...

Einstein the bird

Einstein the bird showin off showmanship skills edit: RIP alex, you really showed us how intelliant other animals can be.

Birds sing, dance, talk and much more

Funny video about birds singing,dancing,talking and much more

cockatiel answers math questions!

Alright already! It took more than 300,00 views to spot the overly creative element in this video. Can you spot it? Send comments but do not give away...

umbrella cockatoo going mad in kitchen floor. but a happy bird

Crazy umbrella cockatoo in kitchen floor.

Cockatiel Beat Boxing My Amazing Bird

My cockatiel Beat boxing i tried this ever since he was 2 weeks old+ never gave up on trying to show him and he mastered it better than me!!! LOL Enjo...

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Cockatiel sings Theme of Chocobo(Final Fantasy) FF「チョコボのテーマ」をオカメインコが歌ってみた

My cockatiel named Kame-chan sings theme of Chocobo FF「チョコボのテーマ」をオカメインコが歌ってみた -----------------------------------------------------------------------...

Conversation with my parrot,Worlds best Bird.

My bird love talking with me he is such a cute parrot ( Indian ring-neck parrot) Training my ring-neck parrot bird to talk new words ring-neck are r...

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