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----Dark Souls 2 SOTFS PVP Build: The Minotaur
A few things to note.
1. This build is not optimized, min/max, or anything of the sort, it is a basic SL150 STR build designed to be aesthetically pleasurable and still powerful.
2. In the early stages of the video I actually used the Life Ring +3 instead of the Ring Of Giant's +2. The extra health was nice, however without enough to poise to tank smaller weapons first attack it left the build gimped and nearly useless.
3. I am not very proficient with Ultra weapons, this includes greataxes sadly. I'm getting better though, I can only imagine what someone who's decent with them could accomplish with this build.
4. No I cannot "super parry" I know, I'm a scrub.
5. Ravelord Cow coming through! (bonus clip reference)

-----Inspiration/Story Behind The Build!
I decided it was time to break the rust off my hands and release a DS2 pvp video. This new build is one that I'm very happy with aesthetically. I love the overall presence it commands during invasions. I had numerous disconnects, cowards, gankers, and just the all around worst players in general, but I managed to learn the Drakekeeper's Greataxe moveset within an hour or so and got some decent invasions going. As for why a Minotaur, I was lurking in a stream last night and saw someone fighting with the Minotaur helm, the armor was shitty, and the build looked very sloppy. I figured I could DEFINITELY make a better STR build based off of a minotaur easily, so I did.

I originally wanted to use the Black Knight's Greataxe, then changed my mind to the Black Dragon Greataxe, which thematically was perfect, however, the smaller size of the Black Dragon Greataxe wasn't nearly intimidating enough so I opted for the Drakekeeper's Greataxe instead.

Minotaur helm itself is self explanatory. As for the armor, I wanted something barbaric, so what better than the Lion Warrior's Cape, it's semi rare, or was at least, and looks fantastic.

I wanted the hands and legs to be armored, at least somewhat, so the Executioner Leggings & Executioner Gauntlets were perfect for that.

As for rings, the Ring Of Blades and Chloranthy Ring may be substituted easily for anything else, However without the Third Dragon's Ring (or at least the Royal Soldier's Ring) and the Ring Of Giants this build suffers horribly.

Hope you enjoyed the build! Look forward to more!


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