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The Dexterity/Luck/Hollow Bleed Build for Dark Souls 3. Main weapons include Hollow Warden Twinblades, Hollow Washing Pole, and Hollow Caestus. Dat bleed burst tho.

How the Build Looks Capped at SL 120:
Vigor - 40
Attunement - 14
Endurance - 35
Vitality - 20
Strength - 22
Dexterity - 40
Intelligence - 8
Faith - 15 (Tears of Denial)
Luck - 40 (30 originally +10 from hollow weapons)

Prisoner's Chain, Ring of Favor, Ring of Steel Protection, Chloranthy Ring
(The Prisoner's Chain adds +5 to Vigor, End,and Vitality. So regularly, I only leveled those up to 35/30/15.)

Tears of Denial

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