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The World of Warcraft Warrior Cosplay Build for Dark Souls 3. When in doubt, just use bladestorm. Can also be used for PvE.

How the build looks capped at SL 120:
Vigor - 28
Attunement - 10
Endurance - 33
Vitality - 22
Strength - 40
Dexterity - 40
Intelligence - 9
Faith - 30
Luck - 7

Stat Priority:
The halberd can be obtained early from the winged knight before Vordt, so stats should be easy with this one. Just level STR/DEX evenly, use refined on the halberd, and also level Vigor/END. I wouldn't worry about Faith until you can get the Darkmoon Blade or something similar like Lightning Blade since that's the only reason I leveled Faith.

Havel's Ring, Knight's Ring, Hunter's Ring, Ring of Favor
(Hunter's Ring/Knight's Ring provides +5 to DEX/STR, so I only leveled that to 35.)

Winged Knight Halberd
Irithyll Straight Sword

Darkmoon Blade

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