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Hey Everyone,

In this video, I show you how to get Shellium Shards. Shellium Shards are one of the things that are required to evolve your pets.

Hint: They are dead baby pets

Thanks for watching and remember to have fun! :D

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Please keep in mind that Dungeon Defenders 2 is an Early Access game, it's in the Alpha stage of it's development. So there might be bugs and what you see now might change in future versions of the game.

There are a lot of things that they have on their Roadmap of the game, like pets, more heroes, and local co-op.

I'm playing the Collector's Edition of the game.


Developer: Trendy Entertainment

Game's Website:


About Dungeon Defenders 2:

"The Old Ones’ armies have invaded Etheria and it’s up to you and your friends to push them back! Create a team of heroes to take into battle. Then freeze, burn, and electrocute enemies with your deadly defenses or jump into the action yourself to finish them off! Play by yourself or with up to three friends in 4-player online co-op.

Need help on the battlefield? Fuse and upgrade your loot in The Tavern, then level up your Heroes’ Defenses and Abilities through hero-specific Specs!"

Steam Link:


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