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ESS N52 328i Supercharger VT1+

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Video description
BPC's N52 Turbo Kit - First Start!

Here's a sneak peak at our N52 turbo car being started for the first time.


HOW TO MOD A NON TURBO BMW!!! (N52) This list was found by a blogger down below. He found the 5 best ways to modify a none turbo e90:

Supercharged 328i startup

Starting my e46 with a vf engineering kit.

N52 ESS Supercharger AA Headers

2008 BMW 328i with ESS Tuning Supercharger Kit, Active Autowerkes Headers/muffler delete. BPC Custom Tune

"Inside the motor" with Dan Connor - N52 Cylinder head

Dan of Bimmer Performance Center goes in depth with the N52 cylinder head commonly found in the E90 and E92 platform. This naturally aspirated motor h...

BPC's N52 Turbo First Dyno Session

Here's our initial dyno session and testing of our N52 prototype turbo kit.

Sprint Booster Install & First Impressions // BMW E90

Today on JD Cars we install a Sprint Booster on the BMW E90. This re-maps the throttle for a more aggressive feeling almost like sport mode. It also n...

BMW N52 N51 Camshaft Crank Correlation 2A99 2A98 Rough running, Vanos, Escondido German Auto

Found The PCV system that is built into the valve cover to cause other issues when they go bad. Check out this video and I hope this help short cut y...

MMW n52 supercharger

E90 N52 BMW supercharged by MMW

BMW 328i with AA C38 Supercharger Kit

My supercharged bmw 328i

The 3 Stage Manifold Finally Came (328i to 330i conversion)

A short vlog where I go over some issues with the car and then I go over to my moms house to pick up my new 3 stage manifold for the car. Here at BMW...

Pull E92mac (BMW E92 328i 2010) vs DT Turbo (BMW E90 328i 2011)

We did some pulls today to test it out the new AA tune, Super Sprint headers, and 3 stage manifold. Over 115-120 the headers and tune kick in pretty g...

Supercharged 2000 BMW 328i dyno run

2000 BMW 328i on the Dynojet dyno at Mach V Motorsports. Modifications: Active Autowerke supercharger system with front-mounted intercooler; header; ...