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Fallout 4: Auto Butcher at 3am. (Manufacturing Extended Mod)

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#Tags: Fallout 4: Auto Butcher at 3am. (Manufacturing Extended Mod) Fallout 4 Fallout 4 Mods

Video description
I was laughing when I had the 'inspiration' to try this, and thought I'd share.

Music is Wasteland by Sergey Cheremisinov from the Free Music Archive, under a creative commons license.

I downloaded Manufacturing Extended from the Fallout Nexus.

It does a lot more, but this just tickled my sick sense of humor.
Fallout 4 Meat Factory

Smoke sum kush nerd

Fallout 4 Tower of Meat

My gravity-assisted meat packing plant, made with Manufacturing Extended

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Fallout 4 - Slaughterhouse Recycling Factory Build - Contraptions Workshop DLC

No sound from 0:01 - 3:00 due to a copyright claim. Thought I'd mention that this video was uploaded back in 2016, in case anyone missed that, and it...

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