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The player. The epic. TheLegend27.

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vines that momentarily cure my depression

credit where credit is due, etc.

Game of War - "HERO" ft. Mariah Carey - Strategy MMO Game

Join the ULTIMATE battle for domination in Game of War: Fire Age! The first truly global mobile online game! Need more Game of War? Twitter: https:...

vines that could cure depression #9

THE SERIES RETURNS Connect with me on social media - Instagram - thequeeflmao Twitter @queeflmao Discord channel - Thank ...


im playing game of war but this one player keeps kicking my ass -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "JOEYS WORLD TOUR HAS A MOUTH ORGASM" https://yout...

half forgotten but still ICONIC vines

wouldnt you like to know weather boi

10 Movies Parents Thought Were For Kids (And Were SO Wrong)

10 Movies Parents Thought Were For Kids (And Were SO Wrong)! Subscribe to our channel: Ah good ol’ cartoons. Can you remember wa...

Robbie Rotten is TheLegend27

I'm supposed to be playing we are number one but this one villain keeps throwing my net Memes aside, the real life Robbie Rotten has been diagnosed w...

Game of War: Library War

You can play Game of War anytime, anywhere. Choose your allies wisely, because your enemy could be anyone!

God Of War 4 Gameplay Trailer Walkthrough PS4 2017 (E3 2016)

God Of War 4 Gameplay Trailer (E3 2016) Follow me on Twitter -\ SUBSCRIBE -

TheLegend27 Ad but it's in the description you loser

Game of War Ad but every time they say 'TheLegend27' it plays a random Micheal P scream and every time somebody gets a notification on their phone it ...

Why dead Whales are so dangerous

Whales are the most likely animal to beach themselves and do so more frequently than one might expect. Why this happens is, however, not completely re...

We Are Number One but it's TheLegend27

NEW DISCORD! Official Merch: Video requested by: The Monkey Troll From BTD Battles - Now with M...

TheLegend27 (Official Remix)

NEW DISCORD! Official Merch: This was a collaboration with Cool Songs! Subscribe to him! https:...

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