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How to get internet/wifi anywhere on iPod Touch (no jailbreak required!)

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THIS WORKS! I don't care if you leave negative comments :)

It seems that only sony ericsson phones will work... The phone before they started with xperia, my phone is calles W902 I think you can get one kinda cheap :)


Q: is this fake?
A: No, even my dad uses this method to connect his GPS to the internet sometimes.

Q: I still think that is fake
A: well I don't give a shit, this is REAL

Q: Is this free?
A: No, Internet is not free, go to you carriers website :)
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please stop watching this..

Gosh, stop watching’s so old...if you’re still commenting about how i kept saying “um, uHHHhhH, eehhh” ITS BECAUSE IT WAS MY FIRST VIDEO! pl...