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I'm a Crazy Weirdo - 10 Hour version By Parry Gripp and BooneBum

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#Tags: I'm a Crazy Weirdo 10 Hour version By Parry Gripp and BooneBum 10 hours version 10H I'm a Crazy Weirdo - 1 Hour version

Video description
10H version of this awesome song :-D
Credit to Parry Gripp and BooneBum!

I'm a crazy weirdo and I'm calling you
I've really got nothing better to do
I dial up your number and I let the phone ring
And two minutes later I'll be doing it again
You might think I'll be moving along
But you would be WRONG
I've got no life at all
And so I continue to call
I'm a crazy weirdo and I'm calling YOOOOUU!
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