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Finally got my Jason 8 wardrobe completely put together. Credit to Josh Ludemann of Beyond Disgusting Studios and Steve Bellamy of The Devil's Latex.
Revoltech - Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Review [PT-BR] / DiegoHDM

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Actors Of Jason Voorhees: Who was better?

Who played Jason Voorhees Better?


October 21, 2015 - My video review of the Neca Toys Freddy Krueger Glove from A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors and the Jason Voorhees...

Friday The 13th The Game In Real Life

Friday The 13th The Game In Real Life is finally here! The Oddest of the Odd become camp counselors who come face to face with the unstoppable Jason i...

Friday the 13th Part 6 costume

PART 6 Jason Lives costume Hockey mask by Auzorann here on Youtube. Prop weapons by Clothes by me Silicone mask by: https://facebo...

Top 4 Friday the 13th Kills in Real Life! Jason Voorhees - Halloween Monster Mash!

Click Here for EPIC SWORDS!!! Advertiser friendly, work safe, teen safe! Ge...

Michael myers vs Jason Voorhees (fan film)

Them: horror Jeremy as Michael myers Westley as jason voorhees Westley as victim Location: warsaw IN Fx by: gun fx app Part: 1/1 Enjoy

bust jason voorhees Friday the 13 masked with mask collection UpGrade

Upgrade by My full collection jason bust/mask I found and bought my collection Mainly has peoples on ebay

GTA V - Trevor ➜ Jason Voorhees [FRENCH]

WATCH THE VIDEO IN ENGLISH ► Subscribe now ► ► SEND HELP : ► Facebook : ...

Jason Voorhees Mask Part 4 Shower Scene Crash Creations Unboxing Short vid unboxing the part 4 shower scene mask by Crash Cunningham at Crash Creations. Includes full wardrobe cameo.

Converting a Jason Halloween Store mask

Converting a regular mass produce cheap Halloween Jason mask into something that is way better then before. In this video you will see how to convert ...

Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees had A LOT to say

Mr. Lobo talks to Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees on behalf of Zom-Bee TV at Monster-Mania Con 2014 in Cherry Hill, NJ. More coverage coming soon! B...

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