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My little pony - The six winged serpent - part 2

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Video description
WARNING: THIS VIDEO INCLUDES TOPICS OF VIOLENCE and could be "hard" for sensitive persons.

Part 3 -

"My little pony - the six winged serpent" is a "Cupcakes" - alternation, "Cupcakes" the probably most infamous "My little pony" fan fiction, written by Sergeant Sprinkles. For more infos about this project take a look at page two on deviant art:

Used music:
Higurashi OST "Onigaen"
All dogs go to heaven OST "Goodby Anne-Marie"
28 weeks later OST "Kiss of death"
Alien 3 OST "Lullaby ellegy"
Evil dead (remake) OST "Final evil tango"

"My Little Pony" belongs to HASBRO
"Cupcakes" was written by Sergeant Sprinkles
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Cupcakes (full comic)

13 and up should only watch. Credit devianArt. This is the full comic the artist created, so enjoy!

Lucky Joe vs. Cupcakes

This is, so far, the FULL version of this comic. Seems Lucky Joe has to face his fears. Now, PART 2 is here:

Lucky Joe vs. Cupcakes 2

Finally PART 2 is here, but it's not the ending yet. There will be, somewhen, a final part 3. My little pony © HASBRO "Cupcakes" was written by Serg...

MLP: Friendship was magic with Dead Island trailer music

:'( Original:

My Little Pony: Cupcakes (animated)

Thanks to background artist DeftWise-Zero, I'm able to upload a higher quality movie. Love you bro! It's so nice to be able to collaborate with guys w...

Cupcakes MLP

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