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My little pony - The six winged serpent - part 2

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Video description
WARNING: THIS VIDEO INCLUDES TOPICS OF VIOLENCE and could be "hard" for sensitive persons.

Part 3 -

"My little pony - the six winged serpent" is a "Cupcakes" - alternation, "Cupcakes" the probably most infamous "My little pony" fan fiction, written by Sergeant Sprinkles. For more infos about this project take a look at page two on deviant art:

Used music:
Higurashi OST "Onigaen"
All dogs go to heaven OST "Goodby Anne-Marie"
28 weeks later OST "Kiss of death"
Alien 3 OST "Lullaby ellegy"
Evil dead (remake) OST "Final evil tango"

"My Little Pony" belongs to HASBRO
"Cupcakes" was written by Sergeant Sprinkles
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Yet another video that I cant find on Youtube, so I'm uploading it in hopes that more people can see this cool stuff :3

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The Cape | Season: 2 Episode: 10

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