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Video description
Traditional Instinctive Archery explained by Rick Welch

This is a video clip from Rick Welch's newest DVD - The Accuracy Factory. The video is a "meat and potatoes" instructional DVD - nothing flashy or f...


Tips on accuracy and a lucky 65 yard shot!!

Aiming a Recurve Bow Looking at some of the details involved in aiming a recurve bow Visit my website at: or, contact m...

Imaginary point ! "The most difficult in Sub-consciousness shooting"

Next and the last step in Instinctive shooting accuracy is "The Imaginary spot" ( if you master this you are ready as an Archer )this is something you...

Traditional Bowhunt

Snow Doe, self filmed hunt

Traditional Archery Aiming Techniques

Matt Zirnsak, of The Push Archery, demonstrates techniques for aiming while using traditional archery equipment.

Intuitiv/Instinctive Aiming! Calling The Shot! And Hitting The Spot!

And more Instinctive shooting Tips! My Bow comes from/ Acadian Woods Bows,Master Tim Mullins,It`s a`Three pc Tree stick.

Archery - Fast Shooting (Murmansk)

a dagger technique Seregedel's school Initially I named this technique "kinzhalnaya" (Adjective from a word "kinzhal"(dagger)) because a dagger it is ...

Mountain Lion Hunt With Traditional Archery Gear!

Shooting Up & Bootjack's Pride | Bear Horizon Season 3 | By Bear Hunting Magazine Clay Newcomb takes a beautiful Mountain Lion with a recurve while h...

Traditional Archery Tips - how to shoot a recurve bow

Here are some tips on how to shoot a recurve bow accurately. We'll talk about developing proper shooting form, as well as discus how I aim and shoot a...

Squirrel Hunting with Tracers

Visit our webstore for firearm parts at SUBSCRIBE / LIKE / FAVORITE Add me to you circles on Google+ https://...

Firing Arrows Like a Mongolian Warrior

Start your free trial today, at to get 10% off your first purchase. Jason showed up in his Egyptian garb. "No! Not ...

Instinctive Shooting School Course 3: Canted Shooting

Enjoy! More Courses on the way! God Bless You! For More Info:

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