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Sony A7s vs GH4 vs C100 vs 5D Mark III (!!!) - Camera Shootout - Episode I - Dynamic Range

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Video description
One day, Colin and I had waaaay too many cool cameras in our hands, so we decided to conduct a totally unscientific shootout.


We learned a lot about how the cameras behaved and had some trial and error of the strengths and oddities of each camera and their settings.

Part I is a simple test of dynamic range in bleh lighting conditions with the cameras' flattest picture styles.

The questions being:
How well would these fun toys perform in uncontrolled and nasty lighting conditions?
What does it look like when they blow out?
What does it look like underexposed?
What picture styles look like what?
How different do they look from each other when color graded?
DO THEY BLEND??? Wait... no... I don't want to know.

Stay tuned for the other episodes!
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