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Star Trek Voyager - 6x26 - Unimatrix Zero (Part 1)
Borg Attack Voyager

Work in progress...uploaded merely for simplicity of sharing.

Species 8472 attack!

Scene from Star Trek Voyager episode "Scorpion". Voyager has made an alliance with The Borg to defeat Species 8472. Traveling alongside a Borg Cube, S...

Star Trek Voyager - Battle with Borg Sphere "Child's Play"

Stark Trek Voyager - 6x19 Child's Play

Borg vs. Species 8472

Scene from Star Trek Voyager episode "Scorpion". The Borg are losing the Battle against Species 8472. Desperate for survival, they take Voyager into f...

The Battle of Sector 001

(Star Trek: First Contact - 1996) In 2373, 6 years after the assimilation of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and The Battle of Wolf 359, the Borg have begun ...

Star Trek Voyager - Final battle with USS Equinox

Star Trek Voyager - 6x01 - Equinox Part 2

Borg Probe Attacks Uss Voyager

Clip taken from the Star Trek Voyager episode "Dark Frontier part 1". Although I hate how Voyager totally made the Borg look weak, this is one of my ...

Star Trek Voyager - Tear the hull apart! "Fury"

Star Trek Voyager - 6x23 - Fury

Star Trek Voyager - Battle with Dreadnought

Star Trek Voyager - 2x17 - Dreadnought

Star Trek Battles

Star Trek Deep Space Nine battle scenes from season 2 to season 7. I have also uploaded this video on my other channel; NightwishRaven999 Enjoy....