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Learn how to do a technically correct, full range of motion, very powerful, level, and accurate sidekick that will impress your friends and teacher. Please remember to like, share, comment and subscribe.
Getting Your Kicks Higher Tutorial

In this Tutorial, I show you the drills I use to prepare my body to utilize my flexibility to kick at a very high level. If you can do a split but can...

Side Kick Tutorial Anatomy Muscle Flexibility Strength Diagram Good vs Bad

Side Kick Short Video, But Full Article Explaining Everything is Here:

6 BEST TIMES TO ATTACK (sparring 2)

In this Tutorial I discuss the 6 best times to launch your attack. The 6 scenarios I cover are 1. When you are in a dominant position 2. When your opp...

How to Do Multiple Kicks Without Putting Your Foot Down | Samery Moras Taekwondo

Here are my tips for learning how to balance multiple kicks. Click to Subscribe for more TKD videos: Click to Subscribe to my ma...

Shaolin Monk vs Taekwondo Master (HQ)

Taekwondo(Korea) vs Kung fu(Shaolin,China)

KH Kim Taekwondo Basic Kick Tutorial

Basic Kicking by Master Paloma

The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports EVER!

If you love Combat sports, please watch this video to the end! This is the all-time best we ever seen in MMA, Boxing, K-1, Muay thai, BBJ, Taekwondo, ...


Learn the best exercise for Karate side kick (yoko geri) by Jesse Enkamp ('The Karate Nerd') for kicking flexibility. Join "Karate Nerd Insider" to ge...

The Most Powerful Kick: Hopping Side Tutorial

More Powerful Kick Tutorials► The side kick is that strong kick you see Bruce Lee use which sends guys flying back 10 feet, o...


In this tutorial I teach you various ways to get those last few inches on your split/straddle as well as ways to get beyond the "full" split. I intro...

improve your taekwondo sidekick in 7 minutes

Try these exercises once or twice a week to help strengthen your side kicks for Taekwondo or other martial arts.

Bullshit Aikido Masters vs Reality

It's nice when your students collaborate, but when reality kicks ... it kicks hard. Aikido & no touch


In this tutorial I explain what I think is the best way to stretch out your body in preparation for martial arts activity. I take you through 14 of th...