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UTG L96 600fps

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Video description
How to Upgrade an Airsoft Sniper - Tuning Guide

Tutorial on upgrading a VSR-10 airsoft sniper with my Tuningkit ❗❗ NEW VIDEO every Monday and Thursday ❗❗ ▶ Subscribe: _________...

AirsoftPro L96 CNC trigger.

This is full metal trigger made by AirsoftPro Czech. Is it designed as a very durable replacement of the Well stock triggers. Main body is made of alu...

Well L96 upgraded 525 fps shooting test

Well L96 Airsoft review and shootting test. Well L96 Upgrades Metal triggerbox Aliminum pistonhead M160 spring New Hop up (Maybe Laylax) You can f...

DIY: UTG L96 Hop Up and Barrel Disassembly and Reassembly -ASTKilo23-

DIY: UTG L96 Hop up and Barrel Disassembly and Reassembly -ASTKilo23- Check out this sexy sniper rifle at:

UTG Type 96 Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle Overview and Chrono Test, L96 Airsoft Gun

This is one of our top selling sniper rifles! It shoots hard and is also very accurate. UTG Type 96 - Army Digital

500+ FPS L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Gun Basics

***** 650fps sniper - ****** Introduction to my Airsoft Channel, Me and my Well L96 * Type 96/MB01 500+fp...

G&G G960 Gas Sniper Rifle - 600+ FPS - Airsoft Review

637 FPS !!! The G&G G960 Gas Sniper Rifle reviewed here at Airsoft Atlanta

Airsoft Sniper Brasil nº2 - scope cam bolt 500FPS - ztalker

Airsoft Sniper Nick: ztalker / Equipe: Evil Eye Sniper: mk98 L96 Bravo 500 FPS com bb 0.20 / 410FPS bb 0.30 (utilizada). Pistola: Sig Sauer Cyma - 21...

Valken Airsoft Vest, Mask vs. 680 FPS Sniper Rifle - shot in da balls

Andy's legendary airsoft sniper rifle shoots 500 FPS with .40g bbs (680 fps w/.20), vs the Valken safety vest and MI-7 mask. With P90 Girl! Also usi...

UTG L96 Airsoft Sniper Scope Cam

Shooting the UTG L96 with .25g BB's which work perfectly fine. If you want a more accurate shot, i would use .28g, but using a heavier bb will decreas...

Airsoft l96 Cylinder Upgrade

Cylinder upgrade, any questions.. feel free to message me

what upgrades i have in my VSR-10 airsoft sniper rifle

this vid was requested, explaining what parts make up my VSR sniper rifle & what they costed. actually had to do some research for prices and i must s...

Snow Wolf M99 ( Barrett M82A1) Shooting Test - 600fps, Tested w/0.40g BBs -ASTKilo23-

Snow Wolf M99 (M82A1) Shooting Test - 600fps w/0.40g BBs -ASTKilo23- Pick up the Snow Wolf M99 at: ...

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